Selling my 12.5 dob

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Selling my 12.5 dob

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Building a larger travel dob, thus selling my travel 12.5" dob

Made it myself, the current structure is new, it is the 4th iteration over the span of 8years.

Location: Solna

-All pictures at ... sp=sharing
-Mirror specs attached
-Upper ring: powder-coated aluminium, wire spider, JMI focuser, red-dot finder
-Cell: powder coated aluminium, 6 point cell, whiffle tree edge support on 4 plastic covered ball bearings.
-Rocker: powder coated aluminium ball bearing of 50cm in diameter on a tripod, azimuthal bearing in plywood
-"Tube": 6 carbon fiber, collapsible supports
-12.5 Wooden optics high quality slow mirror, 1/14 PV wave front, in very good shape. FL 6.48. The mirror travels in a purpose built plywood box (included)

This is a slow telescope that gives great contrast. Rather long, thus large bearings.
Everything collapses into a 60 by 54 by 40 cm plastic box, in particular the carbon fiber supports are telescopic and are tensioned with a string inside after the assembly. Weight of the packaged scope in the box is about 18-19kg. Airtravel ready.

The scope served me well, traveled with me all over Sweden, Spain, Greece, South America and Australia. Like I said, building a similar 18" scope suited for airtravel, thus this one has to go.

Asking 19000 (life time fixing or paint job guarantee included)

PS: have Hyperion eyepieces for sale
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