Nya uppdateringar till Celestron!

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Jonny P
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Nya uppdateringar till Celestron!

Inläggav Jonny P » 2011-11-02 20:18:58

Nu finns det nya uppdateringar till Nexstar hand kontroll "Gem 4.20"

Detta är fixarna-->- Custom Rate 9 on the ASGT (requires 5.18+ of Motor Control)
- corrected meridian flip when slow goto started
- Improved user feedback on "No Response" errors occurring after start up
- Corrected an error in the GOTO RA-DEC sequence
- Changed text strings in the GPS linking stage
- Fix for syncing on stars in southern hemisphere via RS232 sync command
- Other bug fixes

Samt uppdatering av "Motor controller unit"
1. Advanced series _0520 Detta är fixarna-->* Custom Rate9 (requires version 4.20 of hand control)
* faster quieter final approach
* Additional Bug fixes

2. CGEM_Series_0617 Detta är fixarna-->* support for CGEM DX series mounts
* Re-tuned motor feedback loop, adjusted accelleration
* Correct deceleration when using high values of Custom Rate9
* Final approach routines re-written to make them quicker
* Bug fix for goto's near celestial equator


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